Harbour porpoises and the mist

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Harbour porpoises and the mist

This week saw Ingrid's best deck watch yet on board DFDS KING Seaways! 

Hello again

Many of the European passengers on board the DFDS KING Seaways, make the crossing to travel to Scotland and its natural, rugged beauty. Several of these passengers returning after their trip have commented how lucky they have been weather-wise as they had good weather apart from the odd shower which is a prerequisite for a trip to Scotland. I have heard it said that you haven’t been to Scotland if it didn’t rain.

I have also come to realise that you aren’t in the North Sea if you haven’t had some wind or mist and this past week was no different. We have had wind and swell and the beautiful weather on land equates to mist along the coast and at sea. However, Friday evening as we were leaving for our overnight crossing the sea remained flat past the breakwaters and though the mist hadn’t completely disappeared we had good visibility. That evening’s deck watch was my best yet. Within an hour we had spotted four groups of harbour porpoises comprising seven individuals in total. This bode well for the long weekend especially since a survey team were on board for the Saturday to Monday crossings.

Though conditions were not as wonderful as Friday night they were still pretty reasonable, that is until Monday morning. It looked fairly decent when I checked on my way to breakfast but by the time I started my deck watch there was thick mist obscuring the horizon and by the end of the watch we had moved right into the thick of things, I could barely see 20m ahead!

The North Sea remains predictably unpredictable to me, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for an evening voyage with calm seas and great visibility to the horizon. Check in again in June to see if I have managed to read the North Sea (even just a little bit) and if I find the harbour porpoises’ neighbours and friends.


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Stock image: Anna Bunney